Hey Larry,

First off, I completely appreciate where your feelings of indignation and frustration come from in your concern about abuse of copyright. We, too, feel the importance of upholding the rights of creators. It is important that the rights holder is protected and that due process is followed.

This is why we have followed the process outlined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act in the case of Left Shark. We have followed through with how the law mitigates copyright disputes and have openly shared this information with our community.

Does this mean we will all agree on the outcome? No. After all, there are a diversity of opinions and thoughts around what should morally be protected, what is Fair Use, and what is legally acceptable.

What I can assure is that we have worked with both sides of this dispute, allowing them to move forward with their case. And we have done our best to be transparent about that process–you can read more on our blog.

Further, I would personally challenge you to be a part of that discuss. We are not just some mindless business. We are a community full of thoughtful people trying to innovate and build a future where everyone can be a part of the creation process. We will always need those voices such as yours that can join in constructive conversation and differences of opinion.

I understand the feelings of frustration and I know it is easy to demonize one side or feel off put by the spin in the news. What I have found is that the only real way that we are able to move together as a community is to talk about the issues and share in an open and honest (though civil) way.

I hope to hear your thoughtful points in our forum and among those other community members that are just as passionate as you. I will be sure to add mine, too.


Customer Service Team Lead


This email showed up today.
I will no longer place any test 3d printings on Shapeways site. They show their desire to be the “napster” for artists designs in the 3d printing bubble. If you Dont own it,just post it and sell it. And give us our cut, is their motto. All original makers of content should see them as a giant partner in allowing someone else to profit from your works.


Get your own 3D printed Left Shark figurine


Dance On, Left Shark
Shark Week is still months away, but one shark has been in the news a lot recently. Yes, we’re talking about the dancing sensation known as Left Shark, MVP of the Big Game halftime show.

Thanks to designer Fernando Sosa, not even copyright claims can keep this little guy from dancing to the beat of his own drum. Order your very own figurine or learn more about this meme’s journey back to Shapeways. He may be Left Shark, but he’s the right shark for you.

Left Shark figurine Left Shark – $26.99 by Mstyle183
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Shark Bookmark
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iPhone 5/5s Case – Shark
iPhone 5/5s Case – Shark
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