I sent them an email. explained the “non ethics” in their “entry forms”  I Will post an update if they fix it. Ill probably post an update if they dont as well.;)

All too common, too may people really think theyll be KING not Pauper in this new digital world order.

UPDATE MADE: Note Comment Below;)   I havent yet looked at the new form, but i would hope it follows “common basic language” about Creative Work Sumittals to Publishers and Showcases/Contests, etc known to commercial artists/designers for many years. I do have concern that they still dont “grok” the publish/display/promote thing as having any “value”
since it must, or why would they themselves be doing the event;) In any case. They responded quickly,,,let us hope YOUTUBE/GOOGLE will as such when 10,000 CC “called” images becomes 10 million, and Google can “make bank” off of each and everyone…;) 

Still not time to CHOOSE CREATIVE COMMERCE? c3?– well OK. let the Jenkin’s Cult take the CCC for their Transmedia IPOs;)

The real slim shady C3