Ive uploaded some logos. Feel Free to cut and resize as needed. Ive made a png and some jpg versions.

The Ethics of a Second Life become Primary.

Todays Reallife Activities:

I just had to waste an hour+ “redoing” the Description texts in the marketplace on 55 items, since they (LL robots drones) moved them over and “conviently” CUT OFF my COMMERCIAL/NON COMMERCIAL LICENSE TERMS. (the ones ive used since 95 and “invented” later  by Creative Commons ”  to make their cult with.) Some items listed had their entire descriptions/licences eliminated from the market.

LL and their ethics towards other peoples Value of worth and work, has hit a new low.

How’ed I find out about the “revalueing” of cube3 works on the marketplace?

Today I had to suggest professional business ethics against the greed and bad ethical choices that LL creates with their “machinima policy memes” and ways. Ways publically supported by CC lawyers online.

Old school “pioneer” Machinima makers should be ashamed of what the newbies and pundits are doing in search of “professional animation business today” and how they utilze other’s works for personal commercial gain while paying pennies to a dollar of value to do so.

Ends justify the memes?.. this is the ethics of LL /CC virtual studiocity when applied to all those who don’t own/sell the “platform-code” . Its stupid and so short sighted.

There’s always a cheaper slave. IF slavery is legal or desired.

Anyhow. Rant over.

Do your own homework, or Google will do it for you.;)

Creative Commerce Store – Money where a Mouth is.


I added the Store. The T-Shirts and Mugs look good. Id stay away from the buttons and stickers untill I upload a resized graphic logo.;)